Gymnastics blog post #5 :

This a famous gymnastics movie called Stick It. If you were to go to a gymnastics gym/club and ask the girls on the team if they’d seen this movie, about 90% of them would say they have. It is such a great movie, and me and my friends from gymnastics have watched it countless times. Even when I went to JETS gymnastics club, after practice we had a movie day one day and we watched it.

Anyways, This week I worked on finding my short stories, and also completing the Writer’s Craft Analysis sheets for my short stories. Both of my stories had to do with gymnastics. Live your life had to do with completely gymnastics, a gymnast and her coach, and my other story, Waxen Wings had a part of gymnastics in it. Waxen Wings was a confusing story but my teacher helped me finish my Writer’s Craft sheet for it.

This week I need to find 3 poems for my CAPSTONE project, and then I also have to finish the analysis sheets for the poems. I also need to finish reading my book so I can start writing my paper for my story.


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