Week #6 or #7 im not sure????

This week I have to work on finishing the book notes for my CAPSTONE project. I have also need to work on finishing my final PowerPoint, and the “Tie It All Together” essay to finish off this project. The project is coming to an end very fast overall though.

Next week I will probably still be working on my final essay, and probably notecards for my PowerPoint ( things I’d like to say with each slide of my PowerPoint ). I will probably fix my journal reflections and try summarizing them more because they are a little short.

This CAPSTONE project is a lot of work, and takes up a lot of time. You do not want to get behind on this project because it is super hard to get caught up. Even though I think this is hard, this is nothing compared to what you do in college when you do a CAPSTONE. I’m glad they are sort of babying us and guiding us through this project so we know what to do when we get into college.


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