Week #6 or #7 im not sure????

This week I have to work on finishing the book notes for my CAPSTONE project. I have also need to work on finishing my final PowerPoint, and the “Tie It All Together” essay to finish off this project. The project is coming to an end very fast overall though.

Next week I will probably still be working on my final essay, and probably notecards for my PowerPoint ( things I’d like to say with each slide of my PowerPoint ). I will probably fix my journal reflections and try summarizing them more because they are a little short.

This CAPSTONE project is a lot of work, and takes up a lot of time. You do not want to get behind on this project because it is super hard to get caught up. Even though I think this is hard, this is nothing compared to what you do in college when you do a CAPSTONE. I’m glad they are sort of babying us and guiding us through this project so we know what to do when we get into college.


Image This is a picture of a Olympian gymnast named Gabby Douglas. The picture also has a quotes from Gabby Douglas stating, “Never quit. Never give up.” about gymnastics. She is a gymnast who knows what it is like to be dedicated and honored to a sport.

This week I finished my analysis sheets for my 3 poems. It was easy to find poems for gymnastics. It was also easy to find poems about how dedicated some gymnasts are when it comes to gymnastics.

Next week I plan to finish my book and get started on my final presentation power point. I can’t wait to finish this project and present my topic, I feel it will be fun!

Gymnastics blog post #5

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuYINC-hdHY :

This a famous gymnastics movie called Stick It. If you were to go to a gymnastics gym/club and ask the girls on the team if they’d seen this movie, about 90% of them would say they have. It is such a great movie, and me and my friends from gymnastics have watched it countless times. Even when I went to JETS gymnastics club, after practice we had a movie day one day and we watched it.

Anyways, This week I worked on finding my short stories, and also completing the Writer’s Craft Analysis sheets for my short stories. Both of my stories had to do with gymnastics. Live your life had to do with completely gymnastics, a gymnast and her coach, and my other story, Waxen Wings had a part of gymnastics in it. Waxen Wings was a confusing story but my teacher helped me finish my Writer’s Craft sheet for it.

This week I need to find 3 poems for my CAPSTONE project, and then I also have to finish the analysis sheets for the poems. I also need to finish reading my book so I can start writing my paper for my story.

College Gymnastics Recruiting Age Getting Younger

Perfect 10nis

By Elizabeth Grimsley

Four years ago, Elizabeth Pfeiler was just finishing her freshman year of high school. She had retired from gymnastics a couple of months before and was “getting experience points in life” such as performing in school plays and going to prom.

It’s four years later and Pfeiler has not only come out of retirement but has reached the highest Junior Olympic level and is working toward earning a spot on a collegiate gymnastics team. She wasn’t even thinking about what classes she might want to take before, and she surely wasn’t thinking about what college she wanted to attend.

“I didn’t know anything freshman year [of high school],” Pfeiler said. “That’s the transitioning point, and you don’t need to worry about that. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. It definitely would have been really bad to commit anywhere that young.”

Young gymnasts are…

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Question the Coach…every now and then

Musings of a Barbell Poet

As a coach, I have a tendency to over-share.  I like to break things down for my clients before and after the workout.  During the workout, I am there to motivate and help adjust movement patterns as I see areas where they can improve and increase safety.  Some people like that, other people tend to just want to go.  They see the workout on the wall and they are just wanting to attack it.

To them, I say…slow down (even if it is on a rare occasion).  Ask your coach “why?”  They need to be able to answer that.  They need to be able to offer you a better answer than “It will crush you, just do it”.  A quality coach will be able to tell you why and how you need to approach each workout.  Your trainer MUST be able to explain how you need to approach a workout…

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Day- 85

Fraser Wood Learns

This week at Fraser Wood the classes have the opportunity to start gymnastics during their P.E blocks. In the gym the grade 6 and 7 students have helped set up the gymnastics equipment such as the climbing apparatus, climbing ropes, the spring board and even balance beams and balls. The climbing apparatus features two small ropes, a small set of rings , a smaller balance beam, and lot’s of climbing ladders. On the other side of the gym there are six difficult and fun climbing ropes that are a great way for your kids to test their strength. When you walk into the gym you will see a small spring board set up with a large blue mat that the students enjoy jumping onto. Also around the gym there is balance equipment and mats to develop balance and other skills. This is something that the students look forward to every year…

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