JUNIOR OLYMPICS: Des Moines To Host Gymnasts


Des Moines has landed a big event and it could bring another gold medalist to the metro.

The 2015 U.S. Women`s National Junior Olympic Championships will be held at Hy-Vee Hall. It will bring in 500 gymnasts and will likely showcase the top contenders for the 2020 Olympics.

The USA Gymnastics president told Des Moines Register reporter Bryce Miller it is recognition of the role Des Moines has started to play in the sport.

Olympic gold medalists Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas trained at Chow’s Gymnastics in West Des Moines, and three more Chow’s gymnasts are generating Olympic buzz.

Chow’s will organize the event alongside the Des Moines Area Sports Commission.

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Today I worked on finding “professional” short stories, my final proposal, and also finishing up the journal reflections. It is hard to find gymnastics short stories and my teacher wants me to try searching up sports commitment and things similar to that. I also need to finish the short story papers and write this stuff for my blog because it is required.

 I really haven’t learned anything new this week so far….

Gymnastics is a great sport and my favorite sport! (:

Paragraph #3

This week I worked on my journal reflections, and also worked on my proposal and had to redo it 3 times. I started reading more of my novel and I also started looking for short stories and poems for my CAPSTONE project in English class.

I learned that gymnastics isn’t as un-safe as people make it out to be or say, and it isn’t one of the first on the list of sports hospital visits. I also learned many more beneficial things about gymnastics, and that gymnasts are one of the strongest athletes that participate in the Olympics.

Next week I am going to work on my novel and take notes on it, and also start reading my short stories and start doing the worksheets for my novel and short stories. I will also start on my poems if I get time to do that also.

Blog Response

This week I have learned that a lot of parents of Elite gymnasts want their child to take the risks to become a champion in competitive gymnastics, even when the chance is very small. Even though there are many facts about competitive gymnastics that state and show that it can affect the gymnasts negatively, parents show that they are supportive of their child and would help them if they needed it.

Next week I plan to start reading my book so I can take notes on it, and also start my response to the book.

Recently there have not been many problems with gymnastics in the news, making my searches for my topic a little harder, making me have to dig deeper. This isn’t a big problem for me too much though because I do have my own personal experience with my topic. I’ve been through the competitive world of gymnastics and I’ve went through my own troubles and also put a lot of time and dedication into gymnastics, so this gives mean advantage to answer my own questions I may have.

I chose this topic to show the world that gymnastics isn’t an easy sport, like people may think. I want to show them that also there are many downsides to becoming a professional, elite gymnast. I want to show that if you are going to become a competitive champion gymnast, you are going to have to take RISKS. Some of the risks may be major, some may be little… Either way, you are going to have to give up time that you could use for yourself, to practice and practice.